Write your questions

To write question, Use web browser or Microsoft Word

Easily write

EXAMAKER offers a variety of alternatives to easily write your questions. The system supports 5 types of questions, including open-ended, test, filling space, true / false and matching questions. Ready-to-use templates that will facilitate your writing of your questions are automatically available for you. After writing the question and its answer, you label the question. This will help you to find it easily. Then, you will save the question. If you save the your question into shared network, then approval process starts for your question. For a week, only you and adminisrator can reasch the question, So, you can use your question in a safe way in your exam. If your question is approved, you will earn +3 points for your question, +3 points for your detailed solution (if exists). If you save your question to a course you have created on your own private network, your question will not be accessible to anyone other than you, and the question will be approved automatically. However, you cannot earn points from this question. You can reedit or delete the question on any time.