Play SpeedUp

SpeedUp is designed to make students' teaching process more fun. Try to answer the questions according to your chosen criteria as soon as possible. You will score points based on the accuracy of the answer and the response time. According to these scores, your ranking will be determined and you will gain some privileges in the system.

  1. The questions are selected in accordance with the criteria of the competitor and firstly easy questions with solution video are asked.
  2. The competitor sees the question only once. Asked question is not asked again.
  3. The answers are rated according to the duration and correctness of the response
    • 0-45 seconds correct answer 3 points
    • 46-90 seconds correct answer 2 points
    • Over 90 seconds correct answer 1 point
  4. Wrong answer -1 point.
  5. Empty answer 0 point.