What is the systems of points?

The system of EXAMAKER is based on the principle that the teachers` earn points with their contributions to the system and spend points by benefiting from some services in the system. There are two types of points which are earned points and purchased points. Earned points are collected by contributing to the system. Purchased points are obtained by paying. When a teacher's earned points exceed 2000, EXAMAKER Professional is automatically activated. When it is below 2000 points, EXAMAKER Basic becomes active.

To share a question+3 points
To share a solution+3 points
To share a solution video+10 points
To add a student+5 points
To use a question which is not yours-1 point
To use a solution which is not yours-1 point
To use a solution video which is not yours-1 point
To send e-assignments or e-quizs-
To use SolveIt Application-