About System


You focus on teaching, we reduce your workload.
Create your classes quickly, get instant feedback with the e-quiz at the end of the lecture, increase the academic proficiency of your students with e-assingment and prepare your exams without worrying about the typesetting in the written exams. You also have a social sharing platform for your educational purposes. We have combined all these and more on a single platform and named EXAMAKER.
The system of EXAMAKER is based on the principle that the teachers earn points with their contributions to the system and spend points by benefiting from some services in the system. You can get detailed information from the link below.
Enjoy it

What is point?


Reach your e-assignments, e-quizzes, worksheets, videos and any missing items that your teachers have shared with you at any time. Learn by racing against the fastest rush time by playing Speed-Up. In addition, you have an social network for educational purposes.